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Combining influencer marketing & SEO

In the marketing divisions of German businesses, influencer marketing has become firmly entrenched. Entrepreneurs frequently seek out influencers to help them achieve their sales objectives.

Companies rely on social media influencers to expand their reach, sales, and brand recognition, whether they are in the beauty, fashion, lifestyle, or fintech industries.

According to me, there are numerous benefits for businesses when influencer marketing and search engine optimization are combined. Different synergies that result in cost optimization are advantageous to decision-makers.

How can influencer marketing & SEO be combined effectively?

Influencers can be hired by businesses to provide content for their own websites and social media channels. Companies benefit greatly from this. Influencers may agree to package discounts that include both marketing initiatives.

Influencers mention the brand in posts and stories. This has a favorable impact on SEO and sales metrics.

The precise procedure then appears as follows:

  • On her blog, the social media influencer "Hanna" initially posts a test report. It directs users to the business's product page.

  • She then gives an honest evaluation of the product to her Instagram followers, including all of its benefits and drawbacks. After a few days, she already has a sizable following who read her blog.

The product has a good foundation from the outset. Many followers are already sold on the product when the influencer first mentions it in the narrative. When compared to "normal" influencer efforts, this may result in larger sales.

Influencer Marketing: Links, Placements, Formats

SEO managers chase after one do-follow link after another. When you think of social media platforms, disillusionment quickly sets in. No-follow links hardly arouse the interest of professionals. These links bring advantages with them.

These include:

  • a natural link profile,

  • an increase in brand awareness,

  • quality website visitors with a low bounce rate

  • more links as users become aware of your website.

You can find no-follow links in every position on social media. Whether as a comment under a post, in a story or in a profile: there are numerous ways to link to websites in social media.

If you’re serious about scaling SEO & Influencer marketing, invest in a good Social Media Agency to help uncover relevant tools and insights for your campaigns.


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