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Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.


Out-Of-Home Marketing:

Outdoor advertising fascinates thanks to its tradition and promising future. We see ourselves as an innovation driver and a thinking partner for the successful interaction of location partners, brands and target groups.



Brame offers mini-game-based software that companies can use to select and design their own game concepts and put them together in a modular system. Inexpensive, user-friendly and customizable, without any programming work.



Our main focus is graphic design, but we work together with talented and motivated experts from different design segments, so we can provide the maximum success throughout a wide pallet of media — a specialist for every area. 

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7th Sense:

7th Sense combines the knowledge of experienced employees from the fields of TV production, marketing, social media and media management with the limitless creativity of a new generation of media professionals to create the TV programming of the future. The young generation has largely turned away from classic TV. They provide you with professionally created content that is informative, entertaining and highly relevant to you.

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We,, are now one of the leading online agencies in Zurich. Our focus is on performance marketing and paid advertising. What sets us apart is our young talent, fresh ideas and a nonchalance framed by the highest level of professionalism.

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