fly swiss

 True Core Swiss Values 

As The Airline of Switzerland, SWISS embodies traditional Swiss values and is committed to delivering the highest product and service quality.


Being moderately sized, it is also particularly well equipped to get and remain closer to its customers and to offer them an air travel product that isspecifically tailored to their individual needs.

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 Chasing northern Lights 

The polyball has been part of the tradition of the city of Zurich for over 130 years.


Last year the polyball invited to an adventurous journey to the magical Northern Lights. With a diverse musical and culinary program, ETH Zurich immersed itself in the magical world of Scandinavia.


We experienced a unique night under the brilliant sea of northern lights.

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A MUSIC FESTIVAL on top of the world

The SunIce Festival is a festival for
the courageous, enjoyers and adventurous!

A place where EDM and Techno lovers can come together in order to enjoy one of the most iconic experiences to date.

The talented and prestigious line-up as well as idyllic scenary of St. Moritz makes this festival one of the most exciting ones next year.

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concoeur clothing

The world is yours

Refined materials, iconic designs mixed with an ambitious team gets you one of the most exciting clothing brands in Switzerland!

Founded and produced in the heart of Zurich, this clothing brand aims to conquer the clothing world with it's fashion appeal, nostalgic designs and it's limited stock, making each piece almost an exclusive.

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Everyday made extraordinary

For more than 50 years, their passion for crafting the perfect flavors and creamiest textures using only the finest ingredients is what has set the Häagen-Dazs® brand apart.

They‘ve never wavered on the principles that made them who they are from the very beginning.

Today, the Häagen-Dazs® brand continues to transform the finest ingredients into extraordinary experiences bite by bite.

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 unbox happiness 

The goodie box from Denmark would like to remind Swiss women of something they would like to forget: themselves! This beauty box from Denmark has been available in Switzerland since October 2019.


But it's not just about beauty products, it's much more - about you!

A goodiebox is filled with high-quality care and beauty products that are intended to help women put aside the to-do lists and take more time for themselves.

That is the reason why Goodiebox with a Trustpilot rating of 4.8 / 5.0,
is the best-rated beauty box in Europe.

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baywatch lovemobile


Tactful sounds, hot rhythms and, above all, sexy lifeguards are the main attraction for one of the biggest Lovemobiles at the most attended technoparade in the world.

The world's most beautiful, colourful house and techno parade makes it's way around Zurich's lakeside each summer attracting thousands of ravers who celebrate the colors of unity.

The Baywatch Lovemobile is by far one of the more creative and successful regular Lovemobiles. Offering a stage for everybody to turn into a lifeguard!

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ka/noa Italia

 An Anthem To Time 

With KA/NOA, Man, his personality and his style
once again take centre stage.

KA/NOA and its Makers proudly lay claim to a ‘100% Made in Italy’ approach. A bold challenge, which comes at a price, but which also fulfils a desire to awaken a unique know-how, to take on social responsibility by safeguarding Italian jobs, thus promoting the survival of artisanal work remunerated at its true value for a unique result and exceptional quality.

Founded in 2017, KA/NOA symbolises the unique, precious thread of life that links generation to generation, weaving ties between our roots, our values, our beliefs, the past and the future.

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 A mosaic of different realities 

MOCHIL‘s vision is to bring europe closer to the hidden beauty of Latin America and the relaxed nature of everyday life.

MOCHIL shows traditions, colors and patterns of latin american culture in modern fashion products.

MOCHIL mixes different cultures to make something new, something no one has ever seen before, with roots in Mexico and Colombia, a new kind of history.

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 the biggest Student party in Switzerland! 

Nachtseminar is a weekly party series that has established itself as one of the biggest and prominent event in the Zurich nightlife since its launch. On average, over 900 people come to the weekly event in the Plaza Klub.


After enjoying many years of success; Nachtseminar has expanded into the biggest cities of Switzerland; Bern, Basel, Lucerne,


There are also spin-offs such as the Nachtseminar 
at Zürifäscht (15,000 visitors over 3 days), the Irchelseminar (campus party at the University of Irchel with over 3000 visitors), the "Sommerseminar" 
(in Quai61) and the big New Year's Eve party - the "Silvesterseminar"

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GANZ Yachting


Ships have been built in the shipyard in Stadtzürch since 1972, the only one remaining today.

The experience from all the years of boat building has undergone a dynamic change in recent years due to a generation change.
They started building motor boats!


Traditional values such as shipbuilding craftsmanship and proven Swiss quality paired with visionary innovation create modern, timeless and at the same time innovative motorboat concepts.

Further models from GANZ are already in the development phase. Engineers, designers and visionary boat builders are currently developing various concepts.

Each of their boats meets their own high requirements as well the customers: You can have your boat tailored to your own wishes. 

Making nearly anything possible.

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Vichella Event


Vichella is a party series that brings heaven and hell together for an evening.


Heavenly beautiful women with dangerous features and a breathtaking audience round off this successful party series in the well-known Vice Club in Basel.

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